30 Day Fitness Reset Method


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30 Day Fitness Reset Method

Whew! This quarantine did a number on some of us. That number became know as the "Quarantine 15"

I going to show you how to I dropped 10lbs in just 30 days without a restrictive diet, no trainer and through home or gym workouts.

How do you ask? I just hit the reset button and went Back To Basics that many have slipped away from.

I literally made a decision to get focused and take my time by implementing my 4 step method to get back on track.

This Online Course is for you if you:

  • Struggle with where and how to start
  • If you are not quite clear on what your fitness goals are
  • Struggle with what to eat, how to workout, what exercises to do, etc.
  • Struggle with what to eat, how to prepare your meals or even how to shop for the right foods
  • Struggle with peri-menopause/menopause
  • Don't know how to detox properly
  • You don't know your Body Type
  • Just need guidance

What's Included:

Week 1:

Module 1: Getting To The C.O.R.E.

- Insight on the method I use as an athlete to get clear on my fitness goals and tackle the things that have the potential to prevent you from reaching your fitness goals so that you can evolve into the You you haven't met yet! 


Week 2:

Module 2: You're Full Of It

-Here's where you get a complete detoxification of your Mind, Body and Spirit. Before you can hit the reset button, we have to start with a clean slate. You have a complete 7 Day Detox that has been proven to help my clients release up to 7lb-10lbs+ in one week (when followed correctly) with a light workout plan to ease you back into moving consistently.

It will work if you work it!

Week 3:

Module 3: Eat Your Way Sexy

-Insight and guidance on how to grocery shop smart and not hard. (yes, there is a method to this)

-The Body's Elimination Channels

-Basic Meal Plan (recommended grocery list to create your own meals)

-5P's Formula for sexy and mindful eating (Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance)

Week 4

Module 4: The Elements of Fitness

-The Elements of Fitness

-A complete cardio and strength training workout plan

I'll show you how to hit the reset button, get back to basics, shift your approach with fitness and diet and Oh, help you release your 1st 7-10lbs or more in the next 30 days.


Online Fitness Course Is Now Available!

First 50 Registrants Will Receive A PDF Copy Of My eBook The Secrets To A Happy, Sexy Fit & Confident Lifestyle!

Let's Goooooo Champions! Let's Hit The Reset Button & Get Back To Basics In Our Health & Fitness Journey!



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