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It's been a CRAZY RIDE! 

I remember when I first started training for my 1st bodybuilding show...

And how I felt when I started to see the weight drop dramatically, my confidence sky rocketed, and a complete mindset shift about my fitness journey.


Fast forward to today, and I've now completed several bodybuilding shows successfully and showing improved progress and body changes with each shows from the previous well as helping other busy professionals achieving their desired fitness goals such as having a nurtured spirit, dropped weight, strengthen/sculpt their body, impress their doctor & added years to their lives (as a non-athlete)!

 Do You Want My Help To Get These Results

For Yourself?



My Signature VIP Get L.E.A.N. Coaching Experience is designed for busy professional women over 40+ years young (and a few brave men) who desires to achieve jaw dropping results, cultivate healthy eating habits, consistency in their workouts strengthen/sculpt their body and extend their live!

Additionally, it's designed to preserve and improve your overall well-being through mind-body-soul connection, so you can thrive at being healthier, happier, sexier, fit and feel really good about yourself.


My Signature Get L.E.A.N. VIP Coaching Experience is for you if:

  • You struggle with consistency, eating habits and workouts with no significant results
  • You desire to get crystal clear about your wellness & fitness goals
  • You're ready to experience/achieve Jaw Dropping results
  • You need a tangible plan for YOU!
  • You need accountability, support and guidance
  • You desire to cultivate a mindset shift to be mentally and spiritually fit 
  • You're tired of all the gimmicks and noise on social media that produce no real results
  • You're committed to YOU and ready to Do The Work!
  • Tired of abandoning yourself
  • Ready to experience dramatic Transformation in your overall well-being

Let's have a conversation about achieving your wellness and fitness goals and see if we're a good fit to work together....

You're Interested!\?

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I'm looking to speak to the next 6-8 women (and a few brave men)!

This is a Premium Opportunity to get on the phone with me to discover what you truly desire to achieve your Wellness & Fitness Goals.

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Time: 30 mins 



The INNER View Clarity Call sessions has limited  spots available.  


Cheryl Harris

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