Work With Cheryl

Although though Cheryl has been in the fitness world and industry for a combination of 20+ years, it wasn’t until Cheryl won her 1st bodybuilding competition show. It was a total of a 9 month journey that catapulted her to continue the journey to transform and challenge herself mentally, spiritually, financially (yes, financially), emotionally and physically and WIN in key areas of her life.   

Cheryl still competes as a National Master Figure Competitor and has inspired others to take charge of their health and well-being. Although Cheryl strongly advises many they do NOT have to compete as an athlete to be healthy & fit, but make lifestyle changes.

For aging gracefully women, this is the time in their lives we start experiencing a new chapter in our lives such as, hormone imbalances, weight challenges, the stress of trying to achieve your fitness goals on your own and actually believing they deserve the best. 

The success of Cheryl’s coaching practice was built on her own personal well-being and fitness experiences as well as dramatically transforming her clients lives. Cheryl knew, in order to get to her own personal next level wellness and fitness goals as well coaching her clients to achieve their next level goals, she needed to invest and connect with Next Level coaching for herself.

Cheryl’s Signature Get L.E.A.N. Lifestyle Movement runs on 3 Pillars:

  • Building a strong foundation through INNER Work (Paradigm Mind SHIFT)

  • Spiritual Fitness and Well-Being

  • Physical Transformation as a result of the Mind-Body-Soul Connection. 

It's designed to preserve and improve your overall well-being through mind-body-soul connection, so you can thrive at being healthier, happier, sexier, fit and feel really good about yourself.

Cheryl enjoys working with women over 40 years young (and a few brave men) by helping them tap into their true authentic and higher self, self-discovery and self mastery and live their Best Live!

Cheryl believes you can DO, BE, HAVE whatever your heart desires. With the right coaching, plan, strategy and guidance...IT. CAN. BE. DONE.

Why Do You Need A Coach?

Models, professionals high level athletes, political figures, and everybody in between use the help of coaches to get perspective, inspiration, motivation, feedback on strengths and areas of opportunities for improvements.

Ultimately, you're the driver of your own success and have to put the work in, we are here to provide a new perspective and new approach during your journey, provide a safe space, hold you accountable, provide a customized plan and strategy for you and guidance to your next level. It's all about habits, discipline, drive and commitments and presenting the best version of you that's been hidden. 

What's Included In Working With Cheryl

Staying on her relentless mission for women (and a few brave men) to live and be healthier, happier, sexier, fit and feel really good about themselves.

Cheryl encourages women to step into their power as a Champion and cultivate the courage, confidence & commitment to themselves to living their BEST LIFE!

Cheryl comes with a price and a no non-sense approach to getting Back To Basics in your health and well-being.

Cheryl has a VIP & ELITE Coaching Programs via In-Person/Online. This commitment is to Yourself! Please complete the application and let's have a conversation to see if we're a good fit. If so, I will invite you to a Premium opportunity to work with me! 


Here Are Ways To Work With Cheryl

Get L.E.A.N. GET F.I.T.

(Focused Intensive Training)

This is a 3 hour Online Intensive Training for individuals who are good at doing The Work, but need a strategic plan, connection, guidance, mindset work, effective workouts and meal plans to own their own and achieve the results they desire. This Is Not For The Faint At Heart! Get Ready!

 What's Included:

  • 3 hour Intensive VIP Coaching Session with Cheryl Online
  • INNER View Clarity Call to have a conversations and clarity of your Wellness & Fitness goals
  • Dive Deep into the Get L.E.A.N. Lifestyle Methodology
  • 2 follow-up Q&A session
  • 2 Fitness Training Skype Sessions
  • Special Offer on other Mind-Body Academy products and services

 Time: 3 hours

Investment: $1,500 (50% deposit required to hold your space. The balance is due 48 hours before scheduled session if 2 pay option is needed. Please Inquire)



Get L.E.A.N. VIP 90 Day Coaching Program 

Choosing the VIP Signature Coaching Experience and wanting to take your time to tackle all the distraction/blocks and experience a lifetime of being liberated, vibrant and a healthy individual (men and women) while also experiencing a paradigm mindset with mindset work, spiritual alignment through transformation meditation, emotional gratification, customized nutrition and sculpting the Sexy Beast body you desire.

This 90 Day Wellness & Fitness Experience That Provides Unique Training, Nutrition, and Lifestyle Coaching In Order To Transform Your Habits, Your Body and Increase Your Confidence!

Its more to being fit and healthy than just working out. It's about having harmony in every area of your life to be an impact to those you cherish, especially YOU!

Timeline: 90 Day Experience w/The Option For Ongoing Coaching 

  • Weekly VIP Access & Coaching (Q&A)
  • Monthly Modules (Get L.E.A.N. Methodology)
  • Personal Fitness Assessment
  • Weekly Assignments
  • Effective Meal Plan options
  • Effective result driven workouts
  • Unlimited email access
  • Skype Fitness Training
  • Private VIP Coaching Group
  • Discounts on other Mind-Body Academy products and services

     APPLY For My INNER View Clarity Call

    2 and 3 pay options are available. Please inquire in your INNER View Clarity Call application.

     Let's have a conversation about achieving your wellness and fitness goals to see if we are a good fit for each other.


    Elite VIP Coaching

    Private Skype, In-Person and/or Google Hangout (payment plans are an option w/deposit) 

    This is an (6) months experience, focused strictly on your needs around total wellness, fitness and lifestyle to live a vibrant life with lasting changes. Not only will you be able to be there for yourself, be in the best health of your life from eating habits, result driven exercise and even more importantly a paradigm mind shift, but you will have a life changing impact with everyone that is connected to you, have optimal health and well-being, phenomenal results & your confidence back. Get excited about transforming and becoming an unapologetic Sexy Beast!

    If you feel called to benefit at this level of private support, submit your Application.

    You will receive a reply within 48 hours. 

    I'll See You On The Other Side.

    There are no refunds of any type of payments received for any program.



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    Be Well!

    Cheryl Harris