7 Day RePlenish Juice Detox

7 Day RePlenish Juice Detox

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7 Day RePlenish Juice Detox Experience


In order to start something new or have a fresh start, you must clear out or get rid of the old! You must Detox the Mind, Body & Spirit!


"You Can’t Put New Wine Skin On Old Wine Skin!"

I want to share with you one of my little known Self-Love experiences that I've personally done and I share with my VIP Clients.

This experience is a 7 Day Juice Detox cleansing designed  to detoxify and RePlenish your insides (cells & tissues), improve clarity & focus, revitalize your organs & assist in weight-loss.

Additionally, you will experience vibrant energy, higher vibrations, helps with balancing sugar cravings, focus & your palette. It's the Pre- Experience needed to enter into a higher level of Optimal Health, Well-Being & Fitness.

Other Benefits:

  • Renewed, clear & glowing appearance.
  • mental clarity & focus
  • Kills sugar additions
  • Helps overcome unhealthy eating habits
  • Jump-starts healthy eating
  • Reset your metabolism
  • Rids toxins in the body
  • Eliminate excess weight
  • Great tasting juicing detox recipes


Breathing, Stretching & Meditation

Each day of the experience you will cultivate staying grounded & centered with breathing, stretching & mediation.

Breathing: Expand the lungs and slows down the chaos in your life.

Stretching: Elongates the muscles and brings oxygen int to the muscles and assist in less injuries.

Meditation: Quiets Life's Noise. Medicine For The Mind! Grounds and Center the Mind, Body & Soul!


Affirmations & Prayer

Affirm & Manifest to get you centered and assist in high, positive vibration energy throughout your day along with mental clarity. We will affirm and manifest in areas of Your Life that you desire transformation and direction.

We will focus on Optimal Health, Focus and a New Beginning to your Wellness & Fitness Journey.


7 Day RePlenish Juice Detox Guide Includes:

  • Discuss in our Private Facebook Group
  • Fresh list shopping ingredients + Plus 1 Gallon of H2O per day
  • Tips to make your juicing experience awesome
  • Daily juicing schedule to follow all 7 days with recommended Detox Salad
  • Breathing, Stretching & Meditation guidance sessions daily (downloads)
  • Gratitude Affirmations & Optimal Health Affirmation Audios
  • Bonus recommended Hydro-Colonic Therapist (IL)
  • Opportunity to continue on with living a vibrant, healthier, happier, sexier & fit lifestyle through my Signature Get L.E.A.N. VIP Coaching Program to work with me 1:1.

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