Get L.E.A.N. LIVE Long VIP Day 1/2 Day Intensive

Get L.E.A.N. LIVE Long VIP Day 1/2 Day Intensive

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Are you ready to take control of your health? Are you prepared to lose weight, have more energy, feel more vibrant, sexy, fit and confident?

If you, like so many others, are ready to take back your life in a healthy way – no fads, no wraps or gimmicks. The only thing needed is your commitment to commit to You by staicking with the strategic plan that will be provided specifically for You. It’s about adopting a new lifestyle with healthy habits and balance from the inside-out.

Choosing the Get L.E.A.N. LIVE Long Fast Track Series is designed for the high achievers who knows exactly what their wellness and fitness goals are with minimum time. We will dive right into tackling all the distraction/blocks and experience a lifetime of being liberated, vibrant and a healthy individual (men and women) while also experiencing a paradigm mindset with mindset work, spiritual alignment through transformation meditation, emotional gratification, customized nutrition and sculpting the Sexy Beast body you desire, impressing your doctor and adding years to your LIFE!

Its more to being fit and healthy than just working out. It's about having harmony in every area of your life to be an impact to those you cherish, especially YOU!

Timeline: Half Day: 1/2 Day 3.5 Hours (Skype/FaceBook Messenger,Zoom or Google Hangout - In-Person or Online Intensive)

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